GoToSee Guidelines Verification Seal

One in five people in the United Kingdom have used some form of complementary medicine or alternative therapy. is committed to enhancing public safety by providing the public easy access to a database of therapists and practitioners that has been manually checked.

The Guidelines seal is intended to act as a kite mark that offers an independent check and seal of approval flagging up qualified, ethical, responsible professionals working within the complementary healthcare field. ‘approved guidelines’ listings are created and published exclusively by in conjunction with the listed practitioner, therapist or therapy centre.

Seal Of Approval

When new practitioners, therapist or practices market themselves through the network our publishing team manually check that certain criteria are met. If this criteria is met we attach the GoToSee Guidelines Approval Seal which is signified by a green tick alongside 'GoToSee Guidelines'.

This seal indicates that the individual or business either:
1.  Holds a relevant qualification and has a professional indemnity insurance policy
2.  GoToSee have verified membership, registration or accreditation of a specific governing body/ association and are listed on their public register.

Not Verified
If a listing is flagged up with a red cross alongside the 'GoToSee Guidelines' this indicates this practitioner or practice has not been 'Verified'.

This  means our team have not manually verified the:
- Registration
- Accreditation
- Or membership

To a specific governing body/ association or if they are listed on a public register.

The screenshot below shows you how listings are flagged up with a 'Verified' or 'Non Verified' seal.

If you are an individual or business listed within our directory & flagged up as 'Not Verified' & would like to find out how to upgrade your listing to 'Guidelines Approved' status please contact our publishing team  

Our Advice
We recognise the importance of membership to a national association or governing body and as such would strongly advise you only contact an individual on our site who has met our guidelines.

The benefits of using an individual or business that holds membership to a professional body is that:
- They have received a certain level of training
- They have a certain level of experience
- They have been approved & registered by a particular governing body or association
- They should adhere to a code of conduct, performance, ethics
- They should abide by a complaints procedure

Making Your Own Checks
If you are in any doubt as to the particular registration or accreditation of a practitioner or business then we suggest you make your own checks or enquiries. A quick way to do this is:

• Select 'Learn About Therapies' (top tab)
• Select the relevant therapy/ modality
• You will find at the foot of a specific therapy page, details of all the governing bodies & associations for that particular field.
• Either click on the web link & check the public register or contact them directly
• If you require any help or assistance please don't hesitate to contact our team   

Whilst GoToSee makes checks at a specific moment in time to ascertain whether an individual or business meets our guidelines we are unable to constantly check or monitor changes to an individual or business.

- It is your responsibility to check that specific information is correct

- When visiting a practitioner for the first time we advise you ask to see a copy of their insurance cover, qualifications & or membership of a recognised governing body or association

- GoToSee will not be held accountable or liable for any decision or communication you make from our website to a specific individual or business.

- GoToSee is not responsible for or associated with any business or individual listed within our website, neither do we represent them, warrant their services or endorse their membership & or qualifications

If you are aware of inaccuracies or wish to flag up a concern with GoToSee with regards to a listing on our site please email our publishing team



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