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Flower Essence Therapy

Flower essence therapy uses plant extracts to treat emotional causes of illness and disease. Using testing methods such as kinesiology, dowsing, chakra correlation and visual responses to flower imagery, practitioners then select remedies to influence wellbeing and address negative emotions that may be triggering physical problems
Flower Essence Therapy

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Although flower essences and flower remedies have been used in healing across the centuries by many civilisations, Flower Essence Therapy as we know it today was started by an English physician called Dr. Edward Bach. Born in 1886, Bach went on to study medicine at University College, London and then became a general practitioner, bacteriologist and pathologist.

With Bach's growing dissatisfaction with orthodox medicine's approach to disease, he was inspired to use his interest in homeopathy to develop remedies and a new system of medicine that would rely on nature to bridge the gap between emotional wellbeing and physical health. Each remedy that Bach discovered was aimed at a mental state or emotion and his work followed the pattern of the seasons – the spring and summer months were spent researching and producing remedies with the winter months spent dispensing advice and remedies to those who wanted it.

Dr. Bach used the natural healing properties of herbs and flowers imbued in pure water to create the Bach Flower Therapy system of 38 flower essences (or remedies). His remedies are still in use today including the well known “Rescue Remedy”. In 1979, the Flower Essence Society was founded in the United States by Richard Katz who also introduced new remedies using indigenous flowers from the western areas of the US. Today, many other flower essences have been developed and introduced across the world.

Flower Essence Therapy aims to treat the underlying emotional causes of disease. The therapy proposes that ill physical health and disease is as a result of a loss of awareness, disassociation from others or disconnection from life which creates an imbalance. Life forces found in nature's plants can be extracted and placed into liquid to aid healing of the body's physical, spiritual, astral and ethereal problems.

Dr. Bach's original 38 remedies were each selected for a particular emotional state. Selection of a remedy is carried out by thinking about the way you feel and then taking the appropriate remedy. This intuitive selection is said to promote awareness of self by addressing the issues in life that demand attention whether it be personal or professional.

Flower essences differ to homeopathic remedies due to the parts of the plant used and the methods of selection, preparation and action. Flower essences work through energy fields in the body helping to influence wellbeing and balancing emotional states that can be the underlying cause of illness. Flower essences/remedies don't directly treat the physical problem but address the negative emotions that trigger it or make it worse.

Be prepared
It is advisable to choose a Flower Essence Therapist who is a member of, or is accredited by, an association or professional body. This will ensure your Flower Essence Therapy session is carried out in a suitable environment and by someone who has received formal training and ongoing development. Members of associations and professional bodies are also bound to codes of ethics and practice. The main Flower essence therapy organisations are listed at the foot of this article. When you find an accredited therapist, ask about their areas of expertise and testimonials from previous clients.

What to expect
During your initial session, a Flower Essence Therapist will spend some time discussing your particular problem and what you hope to achieve with the therapy. This consultation is the technique used for selecting the correct remedy. Once the remedy has been chosen based on what you say and how you feel, you will be able to treat yourself using that remedy.

Some practitioners use other testing methods to make an accurate selection such as kinesiology (muscle testing) and dowsing (use of a pendulum over the body to pick up on energy fields). Other techniques involve the use of flower cards (selecting essences by intuitive visual responses to a picture or photo of a flower) or chakra correlation.

Your initial appointment may last up to an hour as you discuss your particular problems with the therapist and they explain the therapy to you. If further follow-up sessions are required these are likely to last 30-60 minutes.

Cost of Flower Essence Therapy varies depending on the location of your therapist and consultations will not necessarily take into account the price of any remedies. Consult with your practitioner before making an appointment.

Flower Essence Therapy may only require you to visit your therapist once or twice as you become intuitive to your problems enough to be able to select the appropriate remedy yourself. However, if you have a range of issues you wish to overcome then a series of sessions may be required. Many people choose to have follow-up sessions on a frequent basis to increase their knowledge and expand their understanding of the remedies.

Flower Essence Therapy is a natural way to help overcome problems particularly those involving mental and emotional health. Thousands of adults and children have reported beneficial effects from Flower Essence Therapy and healthcare professionals such as chiropractors and massage therapists now use flower essences as part of their therapy sessions.

Flower remedies generally do not have any side-effects but should you suffer any unwanted effects consult with your therapist immediately.

This therapy or modality may help with:

Allergies Bronchitis Chronic Fatigue
Diarrhoea Itching Stress

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