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Ear Candling

Ear candling also known as 'ear coning' is a method that removes earwax & toxins from a persons ears. The process involves placing a hollowed candle in the canal of the ear & then lighting it. The subsequent rising warm air then extracts toxins & wax.
Ear Candling

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The true historical origins of Ear Candling (also known as ear coning) are unclear but the practice is said to date back many centuries. Ear Candling has been attributed to ancient Aztec, Egyptian, Asian and Greek civilisations. Ancient cultures considered Ear Candling not only as a therapeutic method but as a spiritual way to clear the mind and senses helping prepare them for meditation.

The early Ear Candling cones were spiral shaped and made from pottery clay or reeds. Beeswax is the common component of Ear Candling and the domestication of honeybees was developed by the Egyptians.

During the 1980s, Thermo-Auricular Therapy was introduced to the UK and was presented as a new application of Ear Candling. Thermo-Auricular therapy is also known as Hopi Ear Candling and has been attributed to Native American spiritual healing methods.

Ear Candling looks to remove blockages within the ear canal without the need for syringes or solutions. The Ear Candling practitioner uses special spiral shaped cones made of natural fibres, beeswax, herbs and essential oils. The spiral shape of the cone causes air to be pulled down into the ear.

As it burns, the cone's ingredients turn to vapour and the airflow creates a vibrational effect. Warmth, vibration and vapour massage the ear canal breaking down any blockages. Wax, toxins and impurities are then drawn out by suction from the heat and vacuum effect of the burning cone.

Ear Candling also stimulates the ear's circulatory system and upper lymph system aiding the body's natural healing responses.

Be prepared - It is advisable to choose an Ear Candling practitioner who is a member of, or is accredited by, an association or professional body. This ensures your Ear Candling session is carried out in a suitable environment and by someone who has received formal training and ongoing development. Members are also bound to a code of ethics and practice. The main Ear Candling organisations are listed at the foot of this article. On finding an Ear Candling practitioner, ask about their expertise and testimonials from previous clients.

Before your session, spend time thinking about what you expect to achieve with Ear Candling. Many people use Ear Candling to relax and reduce stress as well as to help with ear, nose and throat problems. Consider what your needs are and consult with a local practitioner who can advise you on the benefits of Ear Candling in relation to your condition.

What to expect - During your first appointment, your Ear Candling practitioner will begin with a brief assessment of your general health and medical history. They will then examine your ears using an otoscope (a small magnifying lens with a light inserted into the ear). From this initial assessment, the practitioner can determine if ear candling is a suitable treatment.

You will then lie down on your side on a treatment couch and the cone will be placed gently in your ear. The cone will be held in place and sometimes a plate surrounds it to prevent ash falling on you. The cone is then lit and allowed to burn for 10-15 minutes. During this time some practitioners use soothing music to aid your relaxation.

As the cone burns, you will experience pressure changes in your ear and hear a crackling or popping sound. You may also feel a drawing or massaging sensation. The cone will burn half to three quarters of the way down before being removed and extinguished. The practitioner will then repeat the process with the other ear.

At the end of the session, the Ear Candling practitioner will allow you to relax for a while and may give a head, neck, ear or sinus massage. This can enhance the treatment by aiding the release of toxins and sinus drainage. After Ear Candling, you may feel light headed and be able to hear more clearly. You may also experience excess wax coming out of your ears overnight or drainage from your sinuses. This is perfectly normal and a sign that the Ear Candling cleansing process is working.

Your first Ear Candling session will last an hour as the practitioner examines your ears and explains the treatment to you. Each ear candling will take 10-15 minutes so subsequent sessions will last around 45 minutes.

The cost for Ear Candling varies so check with your local practitioner before making an appointment. Expect to pay on average £30 per session. Many practitioners will use massage techniques and if you choose to have massage be aware this may incur an additional charge.

Many people feel the benefits of Ear Candling after one session but 3-4 sessions are recommended. Ear Candling treatment can be used as a routine maintenance for the body with 2-4 visits a year recommended.

Ear Candling is an effective therapy for a variety of ear, nose and throat conditions and extremely safe when applied by a trained practitioner.

If you have an ear infection, inflammation of the ear or have had ear surgery within the last months then Ear Candling is not recommended. People with grommets, perforated ear drums or disorders of the ear drum should also not have Ear Candling.

Consult with your GP and Ear Candling practitioner about any problems or concerns you have as they are trained to recognise what can and cannot be treated with Ear Candling.

This therapy or modality may help with:

Allergies Anxiety Asthma
Breathing disorders Bronchitis Catarrh
Chronic Fatigue Ear Ache Excessive Sweating
Flu Glue ear Hay Fever
Headaches Hyperhidrosis Influenza (Flu)
Migraines Sinusitis Stress
Tinnitus Vertigo

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