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Listed below is the GoToSee sitemap, It will help you find pages and information detailing, conditions, therapies and the therapists across the UK


1. Search Tools

o   Find A Practitioner – By Therapy/ Postcode

o   Find A Practitioner By Surname

o   Find A College, Course, Workshop

o   Free Classifieds - Find A Therapy Room To Rent

o   Free Classifieds - Therapy Rooms Wanted

o   Free Classifieds - Therapy Equipment, Products, Business Opportunities


2.  About Us


3.  Advertise With

o   Practitioner Call Back Request

o   College Call Back Request

o   Health Products Call Back Request

o   Free Classifieds Listing


4.  Complementary Health Articles

o   Health Articles RSS Feed


5.  Complementary Therapy Health News

o   Health News RSS Feed        


6.  Learn About Ailments & Conditions

o   Addiction

o   Alcoholism

o   Allergies

o   Anxiety

o   Bereavement

o   Depression

o   Eating Disorders

o   Exam Nerves

o   Hay fever

o   Headaches

o   Insomnia

o   Low Self Esteem

o   Migraines

o   Obesity

o   Panic Attacks

o   Phobias

o   Relationship Problems

o   Smoking Addiction

o   Stress

o   Weight Management


7.  Learn About Complementary Therapies

o   Counselling

o   Hypnotherapy

o   Nutritional Therapy

o   Osteopathy

o   Physiotherapy

o   Psychotherapy

o   Acupuncture

o   CBT

o   Chinese Herbal Medicine

o   Chiropractic

o   Colonic Hydrotherapy

o   Herbal Medicine

o   Homeopathy

o   Life Coaching

o   Podiatry

o   Reflexology

o   Reiki

o   Remedial Massage

o   Shiatsu

o   Sports Massage

o   More


8.  Natural Health Products Shop


9.  Low Cost Website Services - Overview

o   Low Cost Website Services – In Depth

o   Website Call Back Request


10.  Media


11.  Rate Card


12.  Contact Us


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