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Natural Practices Complementary Therapy Centre Wilmslow Cheshire

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Natural Practices Clinic is situated in Wilmslow, Cheshire. We were one of the first Colonic Hydrotherapy Clinics in the North West and have many years experience in the procedure. We also specialise in Health Screenings, helping people return to optimum health naturally without the use of prescriptive drugs and their possible side effects.

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About Us

As its name suggests, Natural Practices Clinic is  dedicated to Holistic Principles;   keeping people healthy or  helping to return them to optimum health naturally without the use of prescriptive drugs and their possible side effects.  Encompassing a wide range of Disciplines all the Clinic’s Practitioners are specialists in their own field and offer treatments to the highest standards.

At Natural Practices Clinic in Wlimslow Cheshire, we can help identify what your body is trying to tell you and assist in bringing it back to maximum health.

Gabrielle Heyes (Gabi) is the Clinic’s main Practitioner. Gabi trained as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. She is a member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and also of the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners.

Gabi is a registered Colonic Hydrotherapist and Iridologist, Clinical Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner and is accredited to the Register of NAET Practitioners.

All the Clinic’s Practitioners are fully qualified in their chosen fields and share a deep commitment to using holistic and natural methods to return people to vibrant, natural health.

Why are more people becoming ill?

There’s a simple but frightening explanation – it’s what we eat, what we drink, what we use and what’s around us.

Living is slowly poisoning us.  Our food is laced with additives and preservatives and even our water contains added chemicals.

Our farmland is treated with chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, Sports fields and Golf Courses are regularly sprayed.

Personal products invariably contain chemicals.

Nature did not design our body to cope with all the toxicity being thrown at it and we react with allergies and illness.  Conventional medicine can sometimes find it difficult to determine the cause of health problems without resorting to extensive investigative tests.   At Natural Practices we use the ‘Health Detective’,  a state-of-the-art Screening System which can quickly identify the areas that are causing health problems. 

We can check:

If your food is making you ill

If you are wasting your money on unnecessary vitamins

If you’ve picked up a parasite while abroad

If Pesticides have been absorbed into your system

If your mobile phone is creating health problems

Hormonal imbalances can cause all kinds of symptoms – The Health Detective picks up changes before conventional blood tests

We can help identify what your body is trying to tell you and assist in bringing it back to optimum health using natural methods.

Natural Practices Clinic differs from other Clinics in that it offers a complete system of health care.

We understand that symptoms are the body’s ‘cry for help’ and that in working with the body, not suppressing it, we can bring it back to a healthy state, without the side effects of prescriptive drugs

Our methods are very logical:

Past – what conditions led to a weakened state
Present – what is keeping the body in a weakened state
Future – how to restore the body to optimum levels of vitality and performance
Education – how to keep the body at optimum health

We do this by:

Full body screening to energetically identify the underlying problems in the body
Comprehensive systems of detoxification
Nutritional and herbal advice
Empowering the patient with knowledge on how to help themselves.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Conditions or problems which may be helped

Abandonment Accident trauma Acne Addiction
ADHD Alcoholism Allergies Anemia
Anger Management Angina Anorexia nervosa Anxiety
Arthritis Asthma Back Pain Bereavement
Betrayal Blood pressure Breathing disorders Bulimia
Catarrh Chronic Fatigue Chronic Pain Circulation Problems
Constipation Corns Cystitis Depression
Dermatitis Despair Anguish Diabetes Diarrhoea
Digestive Problems Disc Problems Drug addiction Dry eye
Dry mouth Dysmenorrhea Ear Ache Eating Disorders
Eczema Endometriosis Fainting Fever
Food sensitivities Fractures Frozen Shoulder Gender issues
Glue ear Grief Hay Fever Headaches
Heart Burn HIV Hormone Imbalance Immune System Dysfunction
Incontinence Indigestion Infant colic Infertility
Insecurity Insomnia Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Itching
Jealousy Joint Pain Learning difficulties Ligament Sprain
Low Self Esteem Lumbago M E Menopausal symptoms
Migraines Multiple Sclerosis MS Muscle Cramps Nausea
Neck pain Neck stiffness Obesity OCD
Panic Attacks Period pain Personal development Pet loss
Phobias PMS PMT Postural problems Pregnancy
Psoriasis Rejection Relationship Problems Repetitive strain injury
Runny Nose Sciatica Self Harm Separation
Shoulder pain Sinusitis Smoking Addiction Sore throat
Spinal Injury Sports injuries Sprain (Ankle, Knee) Stomach cramps
Stress Stroke Suicidal Feelings Tennis Elbow
Tinnitus Tiredness Toothache Trauma (PTSD)
Tremors Urinary Problems Urticaria Vertigo
Vomiting Warts Watery Eye Whiplash

Qualifications & Membership Details

Fully Qualified For all the Therapies we offer

Therapies/ Services Offered

Acupuncture Allergy Intolerance Testing Ayurvedic Medicine Chiropractic
Colonic Hydrotherapy Counselling Cranial Osteopathy Hypnotherapy
Iridology Kinesiology Life Coaching Massage
NLP Osteopathy Physiotherapy Psychotherapy
Reflexology Reiki Sports Massage

Contact Details & Location

Practitioner Name The Reception Telephone 01625 549000 Email Send Email
Address Natural Practices Clinic ,14 St Ann\'s Parade
Wilmslow, Cheshire
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