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Jill Hyams Nutritional Therapy Shiatsu Muswell Hill North London

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I am a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, Kinesiologist and Shiatsu practitioner. I have clients from all over North London and in particular Crouch End, Highgate, Hampstead and Barnet. I Clients come to me with a wide range of conditions, from weight loss, to bad digestion, stress and fatigue, hormonal problems, migraines, arthritis, heart disease and some cancers. My goal is to clear your health problem and improve your overall energy and wellbeing.

Verified Practitioner

Further Information

Jill Hyams
Nutritional Therapist & Shiatsu Practitioner Muswell Hill, N10, North London

"Rid yourself of toxins & feel great!"


Specialising in

Individualised weightloss programmes
Do you want to be a more vibrant, slimmer and healthier you? This programme is tailored to your life style and will help you lose weight as well as raise your overall health and resolve chronic health complaints.

Colds and flus,  asthma, hay fever, excema
Lowered immunity and auto immunity problems are widespread. It is easy to  strengthen the natural defences of your body when you know how.

Womens’  hormones
Having monthly PMS and severe symptoms during menopause is not natural.  Infertility has now become a major problem. Nature says if you are not healthy enough you cannot conceive.  Get healthy and be able to have the child you want.

Men’s hormones  
Infertility is almost as common in men as in women and is also reversible.  Prostate problems can be treated.

Stress, anxiety and tiredness 
Don’t just tolerate these problems.  Find out what nutritional support you need to support weary glands and imbalanced hormones.

benefits you may expect to gain:
  • Raising your general health and transforming your energy
  • Clearing inflammation and pain
  • Resolving a health problem
  • Healthy weight management. Achieve and maintainyour ideal weight.
  • Simple and achievable advice on what foods are best for you and preparing healthy meals for your family.

Treatment approach
I offer supported and individualised treatment plans and am available by phone and email contact as well as one to one consultations. You may have a chronic health problem that you just cant resolve.  Often diseases or weaknesses in your body can originate from a previous event, like a virus or parasitic infection that you do not even know you had.  I find out where the problem lies with comprehensive questionnaires and lab testing where appropriate.

Kinesiology - uses a non-invasive system of muscle testing to discover more about your body. Through testing I can find out about your chemical ,structural  and emotional issues relating to your health problem.  If you have suffered a physical injury, it may be that you are  holding some emotional trauma of the event as well as the pain.  I use simple techniques to release hidden trauma and correct structural problems.

Shiatsu - is an oriental body therapy which is extremely effective in lowering stress levels and anxiety. It acts deeply within your body to rebalance gland and organ energy.  It is also particular good for relieving neck, back and shoulder pain and improving circulation.  A treatment takes place on a futon on the floor and the receiver wears loose, comfortable clothing.  If you feel depressed or tired, have a Shiatsu. It will  help you to find your inner harmony and well being.

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding Nutritional Therapy Services Muswell Hill North London. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

 Nutritional Therapy Muswell Hill Nutritional Therapist Muswell Hill

Conditions or problems which may be helped

Abdominal Pain Acid Reflux Allergies Anemia
Angina Anxiety Arthritis Asthma
Back Pain Bad Breath (Halitosis) Blood pressure Calcium Deficiency
Cancers Catarrh Cholesterol Issues Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Pain Circulation Problems Common cold Constipation
Cracked Heel Cystitis Depression Dermatitis
Diarrhoea Digestive Problems Disc Problems Dry eye
Dry mouth Dysmenorrhea Eczema Endometriosis
Fainting Flu Food Poisoning Food sensitivities
Frozen Shoulder Gastroenteritis (stomach flu) Glandular Fever Glaucoma
Haemorrhoids Hair Loss Hay Fever Headaches
Heart Burn Heart disease Hormone Imbalance Immune System Dysfunction
Indigestion Infertility Insomnia Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Itching Jaundice Joint Pain Lumbago
Lymphedema M E Menopausal symptoms Migraines
Morning sickness Mouth ulcers Muscle Cramps Muscle stiffness
Nausea Neck pain Neck stiffness Nosebleed (Epistaxis)
Obesity Osteoporosis Panic Attacks Period pain
PMS PMT Post operative pain Psoriasis Rashes
Rheumatism Runny Nose Sciatica Seasonal Affective Disorder
Shingles Shoulder pain Sinusitis Sleep disorders
Sore throat Stomach cramps Stress Swollen Glands
Swollen Throat Thyroid Problems Tiredness Ulcerative colitis
Urinary Problems Urticaria Varicose Veins Watery Eye
Weight Management Womens health issues

Qualifications & Membership Details

MRSS registered practitioner with the Shiatsu Society
Dip of British Assoc. of Lymph & Colon therapists
One Brain, Advanced, Under the Code Kinesiology
Touch for Health Kinesiology
Dip H.C.H.H. Howell College of Holistic Health

Therapies/ Services Offered

Kinesiology Nutrition Shiatsu

Contact Details & Location

Practitioner Name Jill Hyams Telephone 0208 883 5378 Email Send Email
Address Hill Road
Muswell Hill, London
N10 1JE
Mobile 07815 111 502 Website View Website
Map View Map        


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