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Bonne Sante Complementary Therapy Centre Brighton Hove

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We are a therapy centre in the Seven Dials area of Hove. We offer a wide range of alternative and complimentary therapies. All treatments are carried out by experienced and qualified therapists to the highest standards. The Centre has been designed to offer a peaceful and tranquil environment. There is no reception area or waiting room. You will be met by your therapist and shown into the room in which you will receive your treatment. We have found this arrangement allows men and women of all ages to feel comfortable. All visits to the centre are strictly by appointment.

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Some of the treatments are therapeutic and some are just for pleasure. You may not be familiar with all of them and may not be sure what would be the best for you. Indeed, many treatments we give are a combination of several therapies. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements, we can do this on the telephone or you can make an appointment to come in to have a look around and have an informal chat.

For many of the therapies we have a fact sheet that you can view online or download. Our price list is similarly available. We take all major credit cards and would be pleased to discuss prices for a course of treatments.

Don't forget you can get gift vouchers for any treatment or any value for a really different present. Gift vouchers can be personalised for the recipient and may also contain a message from the purchaser.  


A treatment tailored for each client and every visit. Elements of deep tissue, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, Swedish, back neck & shoulder, hot stone fusion and trigger point massages may be combined to provide an effective remedial and relaxing experience. This is our "Signature Massage" exclusive to Bonne Santé, excellent value and rapidly growing in popularity.
Allow 60 minutes ~ £40
A luxurious soothing treatment to the face and body. This massage has many therapeutic benefits and allows extensive soft tissue manipulation to the warmed tissues. A warm, comfortable and tranquil setting ensures the ultimate Indulgence.
Allow 60 minutes ~ £45





The aim of Physiotherapy is to treat the soft tissues of the body for a wide range of disorders with a view to returning normal function to the body. A wide range of techniques are used by our highly skilled Chartered Physiotherapist.

Cost of treatment is generally £40




For many people the back neck and shoulder are common areas of pain, soreness and tension. Driving, working at a desk or computer along with almost any physical work or sport may lead to these problems. This is an advanced form of remedial therapy that may involve deep tissue massage possibly with hot stones, manipulation, stretching and examination of life style. Improvements to mobility, posture may be expected along with reductions in the level of pain and discomfort.
Allow 60 minutes ~ £35




A penetrating massage that works on physical, emotional and spiritual levels to release muscular and emotional tension and restore peace and harmony to the whole body. On a subtle level the technique follows certain energy channels, the meridians, freeing long held trauma from the tissues. Free flowing energy channels are necessary for good health and emotional stability.

Allow 60 minutes ~ £40




A massage designed for people participating in sport or exercise at any level or stage of competition. Each massage is tailored to the individual's needs to assist in enhancing performance by the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the soft tissues of the body.

Allow one hour ~ £40




A therapeutic massage using the finest quality aromatherapy oils. This treatment has many benefits including reducing physical and emotional stress. The process of releasing tension from the muscle tissue and relieving discomfort leaves the client devitalized and with inner calm. The therapy is far reaching and infiltrates the entire body. The atmosphere of the therapy room is calm and tranquil to enhance your experience.

Allow 60 minutes ~ £35




A relaxing, non-intrusive foot manipulation/massage treatment that assists the body's own healing mechanisms. A penetrating treatment with far reaching effects. For people with over sensitive feet hand reflexology may be used. Indian head massage may be incorporated if appropriate for maximum benefit.

Allow 60 minutes ~ £35


Most Pregnant women experience pain and discomfort at this time. Both Thai Yoga Massage and Holistic Massage are safe and easily adapted to the needs of pregnancy, (after the 1st trimester). Providing relief, support and a time of deep relaxation in a safe and supportive environment.

Allow 60 minutes ~ £35


Hypnotherapy can assist in resolving many problems including: Smoking Cessation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fears & Phobias, Confidence & Self Esteem, Depression, Weight Control & Eating Disorders, Stress & Anxiety, Public Speaking & Speech Difficulties, Pain Management and Drink Related Problems. Research suggests that in many areas such as smoking cessation, eating problems and irritable bowel syndrome, hypnotherapy is the most effective treatment. Please call and make arrangements for a free consultation to discuss your requirements with one of our fully qualified and experienced therapists.


Your are welcome to make an appointment with a fully qualified nutritionist to discuss your particular needs without obligation, there is no charge for this. Nutrition advice may help with general health and well being, obesity, allergies, environmental related illnesses, and many other issues.

Your nutritionist will discuss likely cost & number of visits during your free consultation.


An ancient therapy that eases stress and tension from the head, neck and shoulder areas. This treatment enhances the health of the scalp and hair by improving circulation and speeding up the removal of waste products from the area. It also works on an emotional level by restoring calm and promoting relaxation.

Allow 60 minutes - £30




The most important piece of equipment that you use in the day is not your computer, mobile phone or car its your body. Yet very few people are really aware of how they use their body and the damage they do to themselves unnecessarily. Lessons in the Alexander Technique can help you prevent or alleviate conditions associated with undue tension, poor posture, back pain, joint problems, breathing disorders, and stress related problems.

Lessons - allow 50 minutes ~ £30




Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) means universal energy. It is and ancient Japanese method of healing which restores balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit. Reiki is effective in the treatment of stress, depression, anxiety, PMT, headaches, and many more ailments. It's gentle, cleansing energy also promotes people to change habits and patterns they have formed in their lives.

Allow 60 minutes ~ £35




An ancient massage applied through light clothing on a futon mattress. Bending, kneading and acupressure techniques are applied using thumbs, hands, elbows and feet to maintain a free flow of energy. Thai massage can be effective in the treatment of many conditions. Suitable for most people irrespective of age, fitness or flexibility.

Allow 60 minutes ~ £40




A deeply relaxing full body massage performed through your clothes to aid the release of muscular and emotional tensions: stretches and limb rotations may also be used. Please wear loose clothing that covers the whole body preferably made of natural fibres. Suitable for most people irrespective of age, fitness or flexibility.

Allow 60 minutes ~ £35




A gentle, relaxing and effective treatment for many conditions of the nasal area. Can help with various conditions including sinusitis, headaches, irritation of the ears, tinnitus and allergies.

Allow 45-60 minutes ~ £30



Conditions or problems which may be helped

Addiction Alcoholism Allergies Anger Management
Anorexia nervosa Anxiety Back Pain Bereavement
Bulimia Depression Food sensitivities Impotence
Indigestion Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Joint Pain Neck pain
Neck stiffness Obesity OCD Panic Attacks
Phobias Post operative pain Postural problems Repetitive strain injury
Shoulder pain Smoking Addiction Sports injuries Stomach cramps
Stress Tiredness

Qualifications & Membership Details

All our therapists are qualified and experienced. Most have continued their training during their careers.

Therapies/ Services Offered

Acupuncture Alexander Technique Aromatherapy Baby Massage
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Deep Tissue Massage Ear Candling Holistic Massage
Hypnotherapy Indian Head Massage Life Coaching Massage
Massage Swedish NLP Nutrition Physiotherapy
Pregnancy Massage Reflexology Reiki Remedial Massage
Shiatsu Sports Massage

Contact Details & Location

Practitioner Name The Reception Telephone 01273 777 401 Email Send Email
Address Bonne Santé ,2 Osmond Road
Hove, East Sussex
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