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Anthony Royle Counselling Psychotherapy Hampstead London

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I am a fully qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist located in Hampstead, London. I typically see my clients from the surrounding areas of Cricklewood, Camden, Highgate and Golders Green.

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Further Information

Anthony Royle
Experienced Counsellor and Psychotherapist working in Hampstead, North West London

About Me
I am a psychotherapist and counsellor with 20 years experience working in many institutions, hospitals, psychotherapy training colleges, and workshops in addition to working individually in private practice. I work face to face with individuals, couples and groups treating a wide range of life issues.

What I may help you with
I have worked with a whole range of issues that come up in life, which include all of the following listed below. This is a sample list. However, I prefer not to label a client’s issues since we have to be prepared to look at and to deal with whatever emerges in the course of the sessions that the client undertakes. I am prepared to hold with a client whatever material may emerge, and if I am not able to be of help then I would state this to you after a meeting. Frequently the issue that a client brings at the beginning of work is not the most essential problem, and the focus may change considerably as the work develops, and we may then are dealing with issues that were well buried at the beginning of the work.

I do not have any instant answers but I can work with you to look at, and to open up life issues which will assist you in finding a way through.
  • Abuse
  • Assertiveness
  • Addiction to love and sex
  • Addictions to drugs, alcohol, food, work, tobacco, exercise or any aspect of life.
  • Anxiety
  • Career issues, work related issues and redundancy
  • Couple work
  • Cross cultural adjustments and conflicts
  • Depression
  • Divorce
  • Grief work over loss and death
  • Illness and all its accompanying problems
  • Midlife crisis, life change and life review
  • Personal relationship issues
  • Sexual problems and issues
  • Sexuality and Gender Issues
  • Self esteem and assertiveness
  • Depression
  • Personal growth and self development
  • Panic attacks
  • Post traumatic stress
  • Self-harm
  • Termination, abortion and miscarriage
  • Trauma

Benefits of taking a therapeutic course of action
Wherever we are in life, I believe that events can happen which have the ability to totally disorient and overwhelm us. At these crisis points it may be necessary to use the skills of an experienced practitioner who can help you to work through the crisis. I am able as your therapist to help hold the issues that you bring, and assist in sorting out, prioritising and allowing you to come to whatever decisions you need for you to be able to move forwards in life. I do not have answers or a magic wand, but I do have the skills to allow you to look with a different view at what may appear to be insurmountable at the beginning. The work will continue, usually with a session on a weekly basis, opening up and developing in a safe confidential space until you feel that you have come to a different and peaceful place in your life. I would hope that as with many clients you will feel that you have a new view on your life and your situation. I hope you would have a stronger sense of yourself and your direction in your life, and that you could go out into the world feeling more confident and assertive about how to tackle problems and whatever comes to you. I believe that it is possible to have a gradually emerging sense of your true inner self, which may need some nurturing, but the work will allow you to come to a more heightened sense of yourself and your way of being in the world. This transformation process is the essential basis for the work together, and I have been privileged to accompany many people on this journey of self discovery.

Therapeutic work is not easy but most clients see that the struggle to look at difficult and painful problems may be easier than living with all the unresolved and uncovered issued that beset their lives before. So doing therapeutic work may be the lesser evil rather than continuing with the pain of life in its present form. Only you, the client, can decide if you want to take this difficult step and also to decide at what rate you can work to come to a better place in your life.
My professional and clinical experience
I have twenty years of experience working directly with clients who are dealing with a whole range of life issues. The therapy usually starts with life crisis, which frequently precipitates the work.

I have moved into this work after a previous career working in industrial management and management consultancy in many industries and organisations. This means that I have been able to bring a wide experience of life, dealing with people in many contexts, to the clinical arena of working one to one with a client. This has lead to me being able to offer a broad approach to work which can involve coaching, mentoring, and guiding, all of which may be appropriate, but will not detract from the essential therapeutic stance of facilitation, analysis, interpretation, challenge,  concern, empathic interest  and support.

 Throughout my life I have been oriented towards trying to understand and make sense of what is before me and I shall try to use these skills acquired in your interest.

My background education and trainings have included:
  • Scientific and mathematical education up to first degree
  • Business School and business management courses
  • Masters degree in counselling and psychotherapy
  • Course in pastoral counselling
  • HIV and AIDS counselling training
  • Psychoanalytic Training
  • Workshops in bodywork and bioenergetics
  • Work with meditation, yoga and other bodywork including many retreats over the last decade.
  • Contribution to running  Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression courses (MBCBT)
  • Running and contribution to psychotherapy training courses and workshops to train new counsellors and psychotherapists.
  • A decade of voluntary work dealing with and supervising individuals who were befriending very ill and dying service users
  • Running courses and trainings in Loss and Bereavement
  • Life coaching, mediation and mentoring courses
  • Accredited Member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
  • Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP)
  • Industrial relations, personnel and human resources experience
  • Running a range of workshops covering loss, grief, sexuality, personal development and growth, shamanic vision quest, and personal journeying

How I work. My approach and philosophy
I believe that the most important part of the work is creating a relationship between us which will allow the therapy to be contained. I wish to create an environment where trust can develop and where there is emotional and personal connection. If this is not possible and if there is not sufficient chemistry in the relationship, then it will not be possible to achieve very much. Trust, honesty and confidentiality are the essential requirements for real work. I work in an integrative psychotherapist which means that I use a whole range of tools and techniques which are determined by who you are, by the nature of the work, by the duration of our work together, and at what stage you are in your journey of personal development. This could mean using a combination of psychodynamic tools ( about the unconscious), cognitive tools (CBT), relational tools, gestalt tools, analytic tools, existential tools, humanistic tools and bodywork. All these approaches could be used or integrated in order to look at the issues brought. I trust that the client's inner world will dictate what we work on and in what order, and that we will take one step at a time to move through the material. I trust the process of this relationship and then hope that within this space, it will allow the emergence of new attitudes or new parts of the self, which will be the transformation process in action.

I help the client look at patterns of behaviour and experience that have dominated life from the earliest moments, and try to understand how these patterns have been brought into the present and are contributing to impairing life and functioning now. To understand this is the next essential step. However, the first essential step is the huge step into the therapeutic arena to make a commitment to doing some difficult and painful work.

The process is uncertain and requires that both I the therapist and you the client are on a journey of discovery together, which contains some risk and the outcome of which is uncertain. However it can be exciting and challenging but this is not for the faint hearted or for those who would like a quick fix. But my hope is for the possibility of change and transformation, and many people from my personal experience are able to achieve this.
The first step
The first step is to make a telephone call to me where we can discuss a little of the nature of your requirement and need.

I will say whether I think we can work together and what it would cost to come and have an assessment session. The first session is always different from successive sessions in that I will need to explain a little about the therapeutic process, and then I will need to fill in a brief form with some background information about you. We can then get on to the substantive issues of what you bring and what you would like from therapy. I will outline that it is just a process of one step at a time and that is the only commitment.

If we both feel it appropriate we can make an appointment to meet at my consultation room and I will give the exact address and directions.
Nearest Tube         Hampstead on the Northern Line     7 minutes walk
Nearest Train         Hampstead Heath on North London Overground   7 minutes walk
Bus                        South End Green Terminus         8 minutes walk
Local Buses          Within 10 minutes walk      C11    24   268   46   
Parking                 Pay and Display is limited in local streets
Parking                 Pay and Display on Hampstead Heath at bottom of Downshire Hill

Guidelines on Therapy
  1. Psychotherapy or counselling is a process conducted between parties in a relationship whose prime function is to allow the client or clients to look at life issues, frequently precipitated by life crisis.
  2. The process continues by mutual consent as long as both parties feel that there is benefit to be derived from the continuing relationship.
  3. Ending process is very important and needs to be discussed and processed together well before the actual event. Much can be learned from the ending process between us and it therefore needs to be planned and anticipated.
  4. The most important step to change is taken by the decision to step into the therapeutic arena.
  5. The relationship depends on the gradual development of trust and safety, which will then allow the work to progress. Sessions will ideally be conducted at a set time and place at least once per week.
  6. The client contracts to attend the appointed sessions and to pay for all the sessions arranged, even if they are not attended. Payment will be at the end of each session. If there is a reason why a particular date is not possible I will look at my diary to see if it is possible to re-arrange. However if this is not possible since my diary is well booked in advance, then payment for the session will be expected since it has been booked and my time is allocated to you.
  7. I will take holidays at standard times with dates given well in advance. These will probably be three weeks at Christmas and Easter and five or six weeks in the summer around August. The client will not pay for my holidays.
  8. The rate per session will be agreed at the outset, but will be reviewed periodically.
  9. At the beginning of the process a client may feel that it is necessary to take one step at a time: one session may be arranged, then four sessions, before reviewing and making the process continuous.
  10. Each session will be 50 minutes in the hour and it is important that clients attend exactly at the time appointed since there is no waiting room.
  11. The sessions will be strictly confidential and information will not be shared with any third party. However all therapists use supervisors with whom cases can be discussed as to the effects on the therapist, but the name and confidentiality of the client is not compromised. In the rare event in which a clear indication exists that you are seriously considering physical harm to yourself or someone else it may be necessary to inform an outside agency to try and prevent such harm. In such cases I would discuss this concern before talking to another agency.
  12. There are no guarantees to the process. There are no magic wands. However it is a process, which allows the client to acquire insight and consciousness about what is happening in their life and within themselves to enable more conscious life steps to be taken. The process will result in change, which allows the client to more fully achieve their full potential and sense of wholeness.
  13. It may be beneficial to have access to other resources, professionals or agencies and this will be discussed with you as appropriate.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding Counselling & Psychotherapy Services Hampstead, London. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Counselling Hampstead Counsellor Hamstead
Psychotherapy Hampstead Psychotherapist Hampstead

Conditions or problems which may be helped

Abuse Addiction Anger Management Anorexia nervosa
Anxiety Bereavement Betrayal Bulimia
Bullying Insecurity Insomnia Jealousy
Low Self Esteem OCD Panic Attacks Phobias
Relationship Problems Self Harm Stress Trauma (PTSD)

Qualifications & Membership Details

awaiting info...
MA(Oxon), MBA , MA(City) UKCP Reg. MBACP Previous career in business management and consultancy Clinical Supervision Workshop organiser and trainer Integrative approach to spiritual development and mediation tools

Therapies/ Services Offered

Art Therapy Counselling Life Coaching Psychotherapy

Contact Details & Location

Practitioner Name Anthony Royle Telephone 02074 354798 Email Send Email
Address Counselling & Psychotherapy
Hampstead, London
Mobile 07730 582001 Website View Website
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