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National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH)

NCH currently represent over 1000 practitioners and 500 trainees within the United Kingdom and are committed to ensuring the highest possible professional standards amongst our members.
National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH)

Membership Levels:


The National Council for Hypnotherapy has worked steadily over the years towards the following goals -

  • To raise the standards of Hypnotherapy in the UK in every possible way.
  • To maintain a Common Code of Ethics and Practice & a Complaints & Disciplinary Procedure.
  • To encourage high training standards and to move towards nationally recognised qualifications in Hypnotherapy.
  • To encourage links with other interested organisations and professions.
  • To provide a professional and unequalled service to its members, the public, the media, and affiliates.
  • To promote within the profession, the dissemination of information about Hypnotherapy through its Journal, Seminars and Conferences.

    Contact Details:

    National Council for Hypnotherapy
    PO Box 421
    NN11 1AS
    Tel.:  0800 952 0545
     Web:  www.hypnotherapists.org.uk







Membership Levels:
Levels of Membership:
Available to anyone with an interest in hypnotherapy. This includes trainees. The only exception would be anyone who has been expelled from the Council or who is deemed by the committee to be likely to bring the Council into disrepute. Being an associate does not imply membership, confer voting rights, allow the use of an NCH title or the use of the name of the NCH for advertising purposes.
The letters MNCH (Lic.) i.e. "Licentiate" member, are awarded to practitioners who have fulfilled the NCH entry requirements regarding training and competence but who have not yet had sufficient clinical experience within the field of Hypnotherapy to be awarded Registered status
The letters MNCH (Reg.) i.e. "Registered" member are awarded as above but to those practitioners who have subsequently had a minimum of 12 months clinical experience within the field
The letters MNCH (Acc.) i.e. "Accredited" member, are awarded as above but to those practitioners who have had a minimum of 5 years clinical experience.
Senior Clinician
A Senior Clinician must have additional qualifications above those in hypnotherapy such as: A minimum 5 years in practice, unless they have a strong background in psychology or psychotherapy or a minimum 500 supervised client hours. They can be the holder of either a degree in a field directly related to hypnotherapy and certificate in a therapeutic discipline (e.g. counselling) Or the holder of a degree in a field not related to hypnotherapy and a diploma in a therapeutic discipline (e.g. counselling).
The letters FNCH i.e. "Fellow" member, cannot be applied for and may be awarded, at the National Council's discretion, to those Accredited members considered to have made a significant contribution to the profession of Hypnotherapy.

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