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Learn About Ailments & Medical Conditions
The GoToSee Ailments/ Body Map section is designed to provide you with information about an ailment, illness or medical conditions. We believe that by learning more about a specific problem you will be better educated to make an informed decision as to where the best solution for you lies. It is important to note that GoToSee should not be used as a substitute for advice from your GP or health care professional and acts merely as an information resource.

You can search for an ailment, illness or medical conditions in 3 ways:
1.  A - Z  Search
If you know the name of your condition simply search by browsing through the A to Z list at the top or left hand side of this page.

2.  Ailment Name/ Keyword Search
Type the ailment name into our keyword search box e.g. Back Pain. If we have a specific page relating to the condition a drop down suggestion menu will appear. If no drop down menu appears just type the full name of your condition or problem and press search. You will then see a page of search results associated with that keyword. So if you typed ‘nose’ you would see results for ‘Hay Fever’ & ‘Nose Bleed’. To learn more just click on the page title to view the full page.

The keyword search box is located on our home page, to use it please Click Here.

3. Body Map Search
Another quick way to find an ailment page is to search using our Body Map search system. If you know the name of your condition you can quickly locate it and read more. However the body map is especially useful if you don’t know your ailment name but know where your problem is e.g. suffering back pain. In this instance you simply move your mouse over the ‘back area’ and click on it to view a full ailments/ conditions list relating to that body part. Clicking on the title that interests you will take you to a full description page.

Using The Conditions/ Ailments Page To Decide Who To Go To See

Each ailment/ conditions page provides further information and details regarding a particular problem to help you learn and understand more. Towards the bottom of every page there is a ‘Recommended Therapies’ section which suggests complementary therapies and alternative medicine modalities which may be able to help with a solution to the ailment or problem. These complementary therapies are only intended as suggestions and the list is by no way fixed or finite. The aim is to arm you with information regarding an alternative medicine or complementary therapy and hopefully point you in a direction you may not have previously considered or been aware of.

Once again remember that our site should not be used a substitute for any advice from your GP or health professional.

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