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GoToSee Hitwise Award Winners

GoToSee Hitwise Award Winners

GoToSee has won the last five Hitwise awards and is a ranking therapy website in the UK.

Government initiatives that could impact on holistic healthcare

Two UK Government initiatives could have a significant impact on holistic healthcare, spirituality and well-being over the next few years.

Cannabis use increases risk of psychosis

Cannabis use during teenage years, or into young adulthood, increases the risk of psychosis, according to new research.

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Number of men with depression set to increase

An article in the latest British Journal of Psychiatry suggests the number of men suffering depression could increase due to role changes in society.

Experts warn pregnant women against eating sikor clay

Eating baked clay or ‘sikor’ for cultural reasons could risk your’s and your baby’s health, warn experts.

Phone counselling helps cut heart disease risk

A new study from the US has found that phone counselling can help people at high risk of heart disease by motivating them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Got a desk job? Get moving or risk your health

Scientists have called on desk-bound workers to get up and move about more or risk poor heart health and weight problems.

Risk to eyesight by being overweight

A new claim that overweight people are at a higher risk of developing eye conditions such as macular degeneration or cataracts has been made by a leading eye expert.

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