Government initiatives that could impact on holistic healthcare

Monday 14th March, 2011

The Foundation for Holistic Spirituality (F4HS), a non-profit community interest company working with other national networks to promote the benefits of a holistic approach to healthcare, spirituality and well-being, has identified two UK Government initiatives that could have a significant impact on holistic healthcare, spirituality and well-being over the next few years.


The UK Government is undertaking a consultation on measuring national well-being as part of its Big Society agenda. This will influence government policy on education, healthcare, social services etc. F4HS has been instrumental in the last few weeks in getting a section on faith and spirituality so that we can raise awareness of the benefits of a holistic approach to health and spirituality. You might like to consider submitting your own response via the Government website here


The UK government sends out a Census every 10 years. One of the questions on the census on 27 March is “What Is Your Religion?” F4HS is running a campaign which suggests that people who are not aligned to any religion might consider writing ‘holistic’ in the Religion Box — the word ‘holistic’ being shorthand for an approach that is open-hearted, open-minded and respecting the essence of all spiritual traditions. If the same word is used it will be possible to create a new and useful voice for the benefits of holistic healthcare, spirituality and well-being.

The purpose of this campaign is to support, for example, all those teachers and healthcare workers whose basic approach is spiritual but not religious, but who do not have any backing from those decision-making bodies which determine policy in healthcare, religious education and pastoral care.

Using the term ‘Holistic’ does not mean the creation of another religion, but is an approach that reflects the feelings and thoughts of an increasingly large proportion of the population who are currently unrepresented. F4HS understand that ‘holistic’ may not represent your therapy, but because of the way in which the government will analyse the statistics, it is important that the same word is used.

In the House of Lords, Lord Stone who used to be CEO of Marks and Spencer, and Lord Lucas who publishes the Good Schools Guide, have expressed their support.

Professor David Peters of the School of Integrated Health at Westminster University is also a supporter of the campaign and comments:

‘It’s 21st century common knowledge that everything connects to everything else; that our Universe was pregnant for 15 billion years before giving birth to humans, and loves complexity. If you grasp the implications of this and you feel awe at the wonder of creation, then you have a holistic spiritual attitude. I am one of those people and as the Campaign progresses I intend to declare it at every possible opportunity!’

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