Chinese herbs give allergy and asthma sufferers new options

Tuesday 30th November, 2010

Chinese herbal medicine can complement proven treatments for allergies and asthma, according to allergists.

At a scientific meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, experts discussed the efficacy of herbal remedies when integrated with conventional medicine.

Of particular interest was a Chinese herbal formula for food allergies known as FAHF-2. The formula has proved to give significant reduction in peanut-induced anaphylaxis and have a prolonged preventative effect for up to 40 weeks with very few side-effects.

Experts agreed that natural substances in herbs, foods and vitamins can be effective in the treatment of allergies when combined with conventional therapies.

Allergists recommended that patients should always consult with an allergy specialist before beginning or adding complementary therapies to their existing treatment plan.



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