Risk of heart failure may be reduced by fish oil

Friday 3rd September, 2010

Scientists suggest that a daily intake of fish oil may be beneficial to people with heart failure.

Research carried out by Imperial College London looked at data from 7,000 cases of chronic heart failure in which some patients took a daily 1g fish oil capsule while others were given a placebo pill.

Scientists discovered that those who consumed the fish oil had a nine per cent reduced risk of death with hospitalisation rates reducing by eight per cent.

The study authors believe that if two-thirds of patients took the supplement then 10,000 lives could be saved annually.

Published in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine, the study authors concluded:

‘Although not yet licensed for use in patients with chronic heart failure, it is likely that updates on international guidelines will make a recommendation to at least consider increasing omega-3 PUFA ethyl esters consumption in the form of oily fish or capsules.’



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