Want to lose weight? Eat spicy peppers

Monday 12th July, 2010

Research from the US suggests that to lose weight you need to add a few spicy peppers to your diet.

According to the UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition, the capsaicin compound in peppers which provides the spicy taste can actually burn calories.

Scientists believe the compound helps to increase body temperature which is a similar effect triggered by physical exercise.

While capsaicin may not be to everyone’s taste because of the spiciness, there are other chilli peppers containing dihydrocapsiate (DCT), which is a form of capsaicin, that have a milder flavour.

During the study, 34 people who were trying to lose weight were given DCT pills with their food or a placebo pill. Results from the study found that those taking the DCT pills used almost double the energy than the placebo group indicating more calories were being burned.

Researchers suggested that people trying to lose weight should integrate more peppers into their diet to help shed the pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

The capsaicin compound also has other benefits such as its efficacy as an anticoagulant while is helpful in preventing heart attacks and strokes. Chilli peppers are also effective natural anti-inflammatory foods which can help maintain normal blood pressure levels. Peppers are also high in bioflavanoids which help to maintain strong blood vessels.



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