Physiotherapy can help keep British workers fit

Monday 14th June, 2010

Research by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) has discovered that British workers are suffering pain and stress from overworking, skipping lunch and going to work when sick.

A survey commissioned by the CSP found a quarter of workers go the whole day without taking a break and half continue to work when feeling stressed or physically unwell.

In 46 per cent of workers who participated in the survey there were complaints of pain due to working in the same position for too long while 41 per cent said work prevented them from exercising regularly.

In response to the growing problem, the CSP has launched a ‘Fit For Work’ campaign which will form part of its wider Move For Health campaign.

The new initiative aims to provide more information for physiotherapists and office workers on ways to improve health while working and how to fit exercise into their daily routine.

On the CPS website, Chief Executive of the Society Phil Gray said that too much work is costing employees their health and employers lost productivity

“With advice and support from physiotherapists and other occupational health experts, employers can create healthier work environments and benefit not only society but also their profit margin,” he said.

For more information on the CSP ‘Move For Health’ campaign, click here



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