The commute to work could take two years off your life

Monday 12th April, 2010

New research has found that people living in commuter towns have more to worry about than just the cost of a train ticket or gallon of petrol. The stress caused by a long journey into work could be taking up to two years off their life expectancy.

A faster pace of life has been often been blamed for a shorter life expectancy for people living in London, but this could now be spreading out from the capital to towns within the commuter belt.

With the average life expectancy at 79.6 years, people living in Watford are expected to die 1.8 years earlier while those living in Windsor, Maidenhead, Reading and Brighton were all found to have a life expectancy one year less than the national average.

The commute to work is one of the biggest contributors to stress and while for many the journey is unavoidable, there are ways to help manage stress levels. Read our stress management guide if you feel your stress is getting out of control.



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