Medical students want more alternative therapies

Friday 5th February, 2010

Medical students in the US have given significant approval to integrating more complementary and alternative medicine therapies into conventional medicine.

The study, which was the largest of its kind, was carried out by researchers from UCLA and UC San Diago and results gave a 75 per cent approval rating to an increase in alternative therapies.

Most students felt that ‘conventional Western medicine would benefit by integrating more CAM therapies and ideas.’

Greater awareness and popularity of complementary medicine is important to health across the world, according to lead author of the study Ryan Abbot.

“Complementary and alternative medicine is receiving increased attention in light of the global health crisis and the significant role of traditional medicine in meeting public health needs in developing countries,” said Mr Abbot.

“Integrating CAM into mainstream health care is now a global phenomenon, with policy makers at the highest levels endorsing the importance of a historically marginalized form of health care.”

The survey was sent to 126 medical schools across the United States with 1,770 responses. 74 per cent of ‘agreed to some extent that a system of medicine that integrates therapies of conventional and complementary and alternative medicine would be more effective than either type of medicine provided independently.’



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