One in four women using weight-loss pills

Tuesday 19th January, 2010

A new study has revealed that a quarter of women have used weight loss tablets at some point in their lives with two-thirds claiming they don’t have time to exercise.

The research suggests that many women are addressing their weight problems in the wrong way and not tackling the underlying causes.

The study of nearly 1,400 women aged 16-50 found that 18 per cent of under-30s and 28 per cent of over-30s had used weight loss pills with 67 per cent purchasing the pills anonymously online.

The majority of women who took part in the study cited a lack of time to exercise. Rich Leigh, a personal trainer who commissioned the study, believes that those who try to lose weight don’t address every possible cause of their problem.

‘People looking to lose weight often convince themselves that they’ve tried everything to lose it, but there is, in my experience with clients, always something these people are overlooking, purposely or not,’ said Mr Leigh.

‘Although it’s been said millions of times, healthy and lasting weight loss is only attainable through adhering to a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet inclusive of treats and regular exercise.’



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