Christmas misery for rheumatoid arthritis patients

Tuesday 15th December, 2009

A recent survey has discovered that people with rheumatoid arthritis often find the Christmas holiday season is negatively affected by their disease.

One in three women with RA who participated in the survey did not enjoy the festive season as much as they should because of the pain and lack of mobility caused by their joint disease.

Nearly 2,000 women were surveyed and 23 per cent stated that they did not attend parties and celebrations because of their condition.

More than two-fifths admitted they do not enjoy Christmas family events as much as they did. Those figures include 28 per cent who are young women aged 25-35 years-old.

NHS figures suggest that 350,000 people suffer with rheumatoid arthritis and the majority are women. Pain is often more intense for sufferers over Christmas due to increased social activity.



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