Trying to lose weight? Eat tomatoes

Monday 9th November, 2009

People trying to lose weight should eat lots of tomatoes as part of their weight loss diet, according to UK researchers.

Scientists at the University of Reading say that the inclusion of tomatoes leaves people feeling more satisfied and less likely to want more food.

The team produced sandwiches made from bread that was either plain, enriched with tomatoes or enriched with carrots. A small number of volunteers were then invited to eat the sandwiches and judge which were the most satisfying. Tomato enriched sandwiches came out on top.

Researcher Dr Julie Lovegrove revealed the results to delegates at a nutrition conference.

‘It was a small study and we can’t yet say what the crucial tomato ingredient is, but the results were statistically significant,’ she said.

The benefits to health from tomatoes is thought to be due to the ingredient lycopene. This chemical gives tomatoes their bright red colour and is found in other red fruits and vegetables. Lycopene has been associated with reducing the risk of cancer if eaten in large enough quantities.



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