Swine flu vaccine scrutinised by homeopaths

Monday 26th October, 2009

The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH) has called on the UK government to provide full information to the public on the safety of the swine flu vaccine.

The adverse effects of the vaccine are not fully understood at this stage and the ARH want the UK public to be fully informed about the potential reactions of the vaccination which may be worse than the actual illness.

Recent reports suggest concerns about the vaccine due to insufficient testing, particularly for pregnant women and children. The Daily Mail ran a story about a link between the vaccination and Guillain-Barré Syndrome – a killer nerve disease. The report came from a leaked letter from the Health Protection Agency to the UK government.

Another report in The Daily Telegraph highlighted a recent survey which showed three in ten GPs would refuse the vaccine with a further 29% expressing doubts about it. The Guardian reported on another survey which found one in three nurses would refuse the vaccine because of fears about its safety.

Steve Scrutton, Director of ARH, says people should be warned of the potential dangers of vaccination so they can make an informed choice. He also stated that the public should be made aware of alternative treatments for swine flu.

‘Homeopaths have been successfully treating people suffering from influenza for over two centuries,’ he said.

‘The remedies homeopaths frequently prescribe to treat influenza, such as Gelsemium, Bryonia Alba and Eupatorium Perfoliatum, are both highly effective and entirely safe.’

Chairperson of the ARH, Karin Mort added:

Homeopathy has also been used in epidemic situations for over 200 years, with contemporary sources showing that it was hugely successful.

‘Homeopathy’s success at treating the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918 is well documented, especially in the USA. The medical records of hospitals across the country consistently show a mortality rate of above 28% in sufferers treated conventionally, as opposed to a mortality rate of just over 1% of those treated with homeopathy.’



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