Sex, pencils and toothpicks help Brits to quit smoking

Tuesday 20th October, 2009

It seems Britons are open-minded about smoking cessation methods and are prepared to try almost anything to help them quit cigarettes.

A campaign by the European Union called ‘Help’ has put together a variety of top methods for stopping smoking by former smokers who managed to kick the nicotine habit themselves.

Recommended methods included pretending to smoke a pencil or keeping the hands occupied by playing with a toothpick. Other top tips included increased sexual activity to take your mind off cigarettes.

Online support through the internet has made a significant impact in helping people give up smoking, according to Professor Gerard Hastings, director of the institute for social marketing and the Cancer Research UK Centre for Tobacco Control Research.

‘For a long time public health has been about experts in white coats passing messages down,’ he said.

‘No longer so – the internet allows fellow smokers and ex-smokers to get together and share their experiences in stopping smoking to fight what is still the biggest threat to public health in Europe.’

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