Endometriosis symptoms eased by Chinese Herbal Medicine

Monday 10th August, 2009

New research has discovered that Chinese Herbal Medicine relieves some of the symptoms women experience with Endometriosis.

1 in 6 women are affected by the gynaecological disorder and symptoms include painful periods, infertility and pelvic pain. Endometriosis is usually treated with laparoscopic surgery which isn’t 100% successful and causes uncomfortable side effects.

The UK study is the first to review Chinese Herbal Medicine treating endometriosis in the English language and used two trials involving 158 female participants.

One of the trials noted that CHM produced better results on the condition than the standard drug ‘Danazol’ and with fewer side effects.

The second trial of CHM on Endometriosis equalled the results of another drug treatment ‘Gestrinone’ but again had fewer side effects.

Researchers at the Complementary Medicine Research Unit of the University of Southampton said the findings suggest Chinese Herbal Medicine may be just as effective in the treatment of Endometriosis as conventional drugs but requires further evidence to generalise the results.

The majority of the studies shortlisted in the review had low methodological quality and couldn’t be included and poor quality reporting could undermine the research into the effectiveness of CHM.

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