4 out of 10 teenagers know someone affected by cannabis

Monday 10th August, 2009

A survey funded by the Home Office reports that 40% of teenagers know of someone with cannabis-related mental health problems.

The survey further challenges the theory that cannabis related problems occur only to heavy users or those with a history of mental health issues. A more recent survey claimed that even one-off users display signs of psychosis.

This latest report surveyed over 28,000 11-18 year-olds through a social-networking site and found that 42% knew of someone who had suffered periods of paranoia, panic attacks and memory loss because of the drug. 1.5 million teenagers claim to have experienced harm from cannabis use. However, use of cannabis among children and teenagers has fallen since 2001.

A spokesman for the drug advice website talktofrank.com, which is government funded, said that the majority of teenagers want to avoid using cannabis because of the risks to health however some are prepared to take that chance.

The website states that only regular use of cannabis carries an associated risk of mental health problems. They are currently running an anti-cannabis campaign in time to catch teenagers on their summer holidays.

To find out more watch this cannabis addiction video



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