Counselling/Psychotherapy telephone scam

Wednesday 8th July, 2009

We would like to alert counsellors and psychotherapists to a current telephone scam.

Calls are being made to therapists from the “Police And Fire Association” claiming that the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) are recommending therapists in the area. The enquiry is to see if you would like to place an advertisement in a directory for emergency services.

Under no circumstances should you say yes or give the caller any bank details for the advertisement as it is a scam.

The company does not exist, has no association with the Police or Fire Service nor has it liaised with the BACP.

This is just one scam involving unscrupulous companies trying to get therapists to part with their bank details in offer for advertisements in directories or on websites that do not exist.

GoToSee would like to offer this advice on how to avoid being ripped off:

1. Ask the caller where they got your details from. If they refuse to tell you then don’t answer any more questions and hang up.

2. If the caller claims they work for a directory, association or website and offers you advertising space check out the company first. Ask for a copy of the directory or the address of the website.

3. If they offer a phone number for you to call them back on don’t use it. Go to the website they claim to be working for and find the contact number from there.

4. Be wary of sites offering free advertising. If you pass on your details to them, even if it is just your name, address and phone number you could find yourself being bombarded with promotional material or unwanted sales calls.

5. Under no circumstances give a caller your date of birth, national insurance number or bank details. A genuine company making a ‘cold-call’ will never ask for such information during an initial call for your business. If you decide that you want to do business with the company then call them back at your convenience after first checking them out online.

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