Child self-esteem being eroded by social networking websites

Tuesday 2nd June, 2009

Social networking websites such as Facebook could be affecting the way children view themselves leading to problems with low self-esteem.

Many children view social networking sites as an advert for who they are with the aim being to add as many friends as possible rather than having a group of a few close personal friends.

Comments received from others (who they may not know personally) could then affect their self-esteem particularly if the comment comes from a child who also has low self-esteem themselves and is using social networking as a way to boost it – typically with bad results.

A study involving 21 year-old adults suggests this may be the case. Results from the study showed that talking online actually increased the sense of loneliness compared to spending time by yourself or talking with friends face-to-face.

Parents are being asked to sit down with their children and discuss the use of social networking sites especially if they’ve noticed problems with their child’s self-esteem or issues with loneliness.

If you’re worried about your child’s self-esteem, family therapy may help. Find out more in this article.



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