Asthma attacks reduced by Yoga

Tuesday 2nd June, 2009

New research from the US has found that Yoga can reduce asthma symptoms by half after just ten weeks.

The American College of Sports Medicine studied a group of asthmatics taking part in yoga classes twice a week and at home once a week for half an hour.

After the ten week trial finished, participants reported the frequency and severity of their asthma symptoms had reduced and quality of life improved by over 40%.

It’s believed that Yoga’s deep breathing methods during Yoga holding postures cause a similar respiratory stress response as an asthma attack. The more the participants got used to this, the better they could deal with the asthma.

Lead researcher Amy Bidwell said that Yoga has no adverse side-effects as with asthma relieving medicines and is an excellent way to relieve symptoms. Regular Yoga sessions could mean less reliance on medications.

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