Promotion at work bad for stress, anxiety and depression

Thursday 14th May, 2009

New research has pointed toward workplace promotion as a reason people could be suffering with mental health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression.

In an economic climate where the threat of redundancy is putting a mental strain on the country’s workforce, it now seems that success at work could be doing the same.

A team from Warwick University questioned 1,000 people who had received promotion into supervisory roles or management in the past five years.

Questions involved health, mental wellbeing and frequency of health service use. The results of the survey found that promotion caused a 10% deterioration for individuals.

The cause was put down to the added strain of responsibility which led to increased anxiety, stress and depression.

Seniority in the workplace often comes with a lack of support for the person in a role of responsibility. Without proper support to handle the extra workload and pressure, many people are unable to cope mentally.

Longer working hours were also blamed because of less time available to visit health services for medical help. Visits to a GP fell by 20% after an individual was given promotion.

The study found no evidence to suggest physical problems with health but researchers warned that prolonged mental strain would eventually manifest itself as physical ailments if left untreated.

The study highlighted that promotion wasn’t always as good as people think and the mental health of a manager typically deteriorates if no support is offered.

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