Physiotherapy and acupuncture to be offered for back pain

Friday 29th May, 2009

People suffering with lower back pain will be offered choice of therapies including physio and acupuncture, according to new guidelines from the NHS.

A structured exercise program, course of manual therapy/manipulation or acupuncture sessions will be offered after a study by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence found these treatments to be the best available for lower back pain.

The three types of treatment will become available to patients who have pain that has lasted six weeks or more but the report rules out a variety of treatments currently provided by the NHS.

Therapies such as ultrasound, injections and lumbar supports will not be available as the NHS looks to abandon treatments that are not proven to work. This will help cut costs and provide a consistent quality of service for patients suffering lower back pain.

Physiotherapy is well placed to deliver the manual therapy, manipulation and exercise based treatments already and the report further validates existing evidence that acupuncture provides effective back pain relief.

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