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Monday 4th May, 2009

Flame TV is producing a documentary natural health series for the Biography Channel and are looking for therapists and people who have used complementary and alternative medicine to appear on the programme.

Called “It worked for me”, the series will feature stories of people who have used complementary therapy and alternative medicine. Ideally they would prefer women aged 35-55 who have used alternative treatments for breast cancer, IBS, bad periods, PMT, infertility, weight management, fatigue, infertility, lost libido, adult acne, adult eating disorder, chronic back pain or sciatica, endometriosis or polycystic ovaries, post natal depressions, diabetes, and cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles.

You’ll be interviewed about your experiences and how it changed your life. They will also interview your therapist to find out more about the treatment.

The series aims to be a positive opportunity to promote complementary and alternative medicine and show treatments that many people may not be aware of but will ultimately help.

If you have received alternative treatments or are a therapist willing to ask clients if they’d share their stories please contact Sarah Rest at Flame TV using the details below.

Sarah Rest, Producer
Flame TV
6-9 Cynthia Street
N1 9JF

Tel: 0207 713 6868
Mob: 07815731179
Email: sarah@flametv.co.uk



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