Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) still a problem in the UK

Tuesday 24th February, 2009

New figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show 213,000 people in 2007/08 suffered an upper limb or neck disorder made worse by work related activities.

Over a third of the reported repetitive strain injury (RSI) cases were new and the overall figure has only dropped by 8,000 since 2001/02 when 222,000 were found to be suffering an RSI.

Despite a focus and legal duty on employers to prevent the risk of injury or illness to employees, the statistics suggest not enough preventative action is taking place meaning thousands of workers are left with a debilitating RSI.

Occupational health services in business appear to have a low-priority with as few as 6.5% of small businesses providing any services to workers. A recent survey by the TUC found that 40% of people felt concerned about RSI.

Repetitive strain injuries are costing industry £300 million per year with an estimated 2.8 million days lost to sickness from RSI. The South West has the highest rate of musculoskeletal disorders in the upper limbs or neck that are caused by work related activities. The Midlands ranks second while the South East has the lowest rate.

An effective treatment for RSI is physiotherapy. Physical manipulation and techniques can help you overcome RSI getting you back to work as soon as possible and also advising you on preventative measures to prevent a repetitive strain injury occurring again.

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