Counselling sees rise in children affected by credit crunch

Thursday 8th January, 2009

Counsellors in Scotland are seeing first hand the effects the economic downturn is having on children.

A charity providing counselling sessions in primary schools has identified concerns children are having over parents being made redundant, struggling with bills or even having their home repossessed.

The drop-in sessions have seen a rise in the number of children wanting to discuss their worries as they pick up on their family’s concerns and reports on television.

Counsellors say that children are adopting the role of the adult and burdening themselves with these problems. This has been backed up by a recent survey conducted by the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s. The survey of children aged 8-15 years-old found a third of 10-11 year-olds were worried about the credit crunch.

Place2Talk, the charity that runs the counselling sessions, found one child in particular was using the service on a regular basis as his mother was about to lose her job and she was the sole income earner for the household.

With all the uncertainty surrounding the financial situation talking through the problem with a trained counsellor has proved beneficial in easing children’s concerns when they feel they are unable to talk about them at home.

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