Psychotherapy reduces hospital admission for bipolar sufferers

Wednesday 10th December, 2008

Bipolar disorder patients who receive group psychotherapy may be able to reduce their risk of hospital admissions for mood related episodes, according to the latest research from the US.

Psychotherapy is an alternative medicine, complementary therapy and natural health method that can help with a variety of mental health problems.

Psychotherapy helps bipolar sufferers by helping them to recognise when their behaviour and thinking has become disorganised and teach them ways to cope with the illness through improved communication and better stability to their daily routine. Psychotherapy has also been effective in reducing bipolar disorder patients reliance on medication to control their condition.

In this latest study, researchers set about identifying the effects of different forms of psychotherapy on the condition. 92 bipolar patients living with a partner or having contact with a significant other continued to take medication during the study. Participants were then given either individual family therapy, multifamily group therapy or no psychotherapy.

Those receiving individual family therapy had any number of sessions determined by the patient with one psychotherapist and a family member present. Multi group family therapy involved multiple bipolar disorder patients, their families and two psychotherapists for six sessions.

Over a period of 28 months, 5% of patients receiving multiple group family therapy were hospitalised due to mood episodes compared to 31% in individual family therapy and 38% who received no psychotherapy.

The research team have suggested that group psychotherapy may offer significant advantages for bipolar disorder patients in preventing hospital admission for mood episodes.

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