Alternative medicine can help ease the allergy hysteria

Wednesday 10th December, 2008

Anyone that watched last night’s ‘Horizon’ programme on BBC2 may believe the future for coming generations is one filled with fear about developing an allergy.

Allergies are on the increase and the reasons still remain unclear. Many believe the problem exists within our environment and the constant bombardment of toxins in our food and in the air we breathe.

Others see the problem as being evolutionary as we become desensitised to substances that our ancestors wouldn’t have had problems with. Further investigations have found the problem to exist in the mind with allergic reactions being psychosomatic (the mind triggering a physical reaction).

Whatever the causes, allergies are fuelling a hysteria among people and parents in particular. The latest fears exist with nut allergies as society over-reacts to the possible dangers of allergic reactions to nuts. Nearly half a million people are believed to be allergic to nuts and the Food Standards Agency have recommended that children under the age of three not be fed peanuts – children in Israel however are fed peanuts from eight months old.

Recent stories from the US report a school bus being evacuated because a peanut was found on the floor (which many believed contaminated the bus) and schools not allowing any nut products onto the premises or any foods that do not have clear labelling of their ingredients (in case the food contains nuts).

Researchers believe this hysteria is creating anxiety and avoidance of any substance deemed to be an allergen which is resulting in children becoming more at risk of allergies through sensitisation.

Allergies, such as nut allergies, are unpredictable and the best advice is to consult with a GP should you suffer even just a mild reaction. Alternative medicine and natural health therapies can also help you identify allergens that may trigger a reaction and help you overcome them or minimise their effects.

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