Relationship problems caused by too much commitment?

Wednesday 3rd December, 2008

Researchers in the US have said that too much commitment in a couple’s relationship is unhealthy and could lead to problems with anxiety and depression.

Termed ‘Relationship Contingent Self-Esteem’ (RCSE), the study found that placing excessive emotional weight on a romantic relationship left couples susceptible to mental health problems when something goes wrong, even if it’s a minor event.

Basing self-worth on the outcome of a relationship can result in depression or anxiety when even a minor incident disrupts the harmony between a couple. Minor relationship problems such as miscommunication, short arguments or criticising appearance can trigger an overblown mental reaction when the couple have too much of the wrong kind of commitment.

RCSE also considers other problems such as developing manic and obsessive behaviours in relation to loving another person.

The study found that by identifying RCSE at the early stages, couples can stop any psychological and emotional damage that can lead to a break-up or divorce. Getting help early on could also help partners recognise that they are in fact incompatible.

Complementary therapies such as counselling can help with couples relationship problems.

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