Heart benefits from a glass of wine with fish

Friday 19th December, 2008

Yet more evidence today of wine providing benefits to health with the announcement from a new study suggesting a glass of vino with fish increases omega-3 in the blood helping to prevent heart disease.

Wine drank in moderation has strong links with preventing heart disease and this latest study found that people who drink a glass a wine with fish will have higher levels of the essential fatty acid omega-3.

Researchers at the Giuseppe of Catholic University in Campobasso, Italy discovered that wine affects the way the body metabolises omega-3 and the results go some way to explaining why wine has strong links with lowering heart disease.

The study involved over 1,500 people from Italy, Belgium and England aged 26-65. As all three countries were seen to have very different eating habits researchers were able to better identify the effects of alcohol on omega-3.

Results showed that moderate alcohol consumption (one drink per day for women and two for men) created higher concentration levels of omega-3 in the red blood cells and plasma, this was also independent of any fish intake.

Omega-3 is believed to lower a type of fat in the blood known as ‘triglycerides’ and reduce inflammation which in turn stops any disturbance to the heart’s rhythm.

So, enjoy your wine sensibly and you could be taking a step toward preventing heart disease. Good nutrition also plays its part in lowering heart conditions so consider re-evaluating your diet.

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