The weight loss pills that can cause heart attacks

Tuesday 23rd December, 2008

Those looking to begin dieting in the New Year will do well to avoid certain weight-loss pills that have ingredients that may cause heart attacks.

The pills have been advertised as ‘ancient remedies’ from Asia and are widely available from online stores such as Amazon and eBay.

These remedies that are promoted as being ‘natural’ do in fact contain unlisted ingredients and high doses of an anti-obesity drug that can trigger a heart attack.

The US drug administration tested these diet pills that mostly originated in China and found ingredients such as ‘sibutramine’, an appetite suppressant similar to amphetamines that can cause heart attacks and palpitations. The ingredient is in fact used in prescription obesity drugs but the weight loss pills from China were found to have three times the recommended dosage.

The pills that were listed as being dangerous include:

  1. Imelda Perfect Slim
  2. Lida DaiDaihua
  3. Miaozi Slim Capsules
  4. Perfect Slim 5x
  5. Phyto Shape
  6. ProSlim Plus
  7. Royal Slimming Formula
  8. Slim 3 in 1
  9. Slim Express 360
  10. SlimTech
  11. Somotrin
  12. Superslim
  13. Zhen de Shou
  14. Fatloss Slimming
  15. 2 Day Diet
  16. 3x Slimming Powder
  17. 3 Day Diet Japan Lingzhi
  18. 24 hours Diet
  19. 7 Diet Day/Night Formula
  20. 7 Day Herbal Slim
  21. 8 Factor Diet
  22. 999 Fitness Essence
  23. Extrim Plus
  24. GMP

If you’re considering slimming and weight loss regimes in the New Year, alternative medicine and complementary therapy has a number of methods that can help you lose weight naturally and safely.

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Natural remedies from Asia can be safe to use when they are legally sourced and prescribed. Chinese Herbal Medicine is an ancient practice that can help with slimming and weight loss.

Learn more about Chinese Herbal Medicine here



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