1 in 5 could have high blood pressure gene

Tuesday 30th December, 2008

New research from the US suggests that 20% of people could have a faulty gene that increases the risk of suffering with high blood pressure.

The study involved scanning hundreds of people across the US and Europe for their entire genetic code. Results of the study found a gene variant known as STK39 which raises blood pressure. In comparison, other versions of the gene had no effect on blood pressure.

Prolonged high blood pressure, known as hypertension, can result in serious heart conditions as well as strokes and kidney failure.

High blood pressure often goes undiagnosed with one in four people in western countries believed to suffer with the problem.

The STK39 gene produces a kidney controlling protein used to process salt – a major contributory factor in blood pressure.

The discovery is just one step to unravelling the complexities of high blood pressure as other factors such as genetics, lifestyle and environment play an important part to.

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