GPs to get dementia diagnosis training

Tuesday 23rd December, 2008

The UK government has set out plans to ensure GPs working in the NHS receive the right training to spot dementia symptoms at an early stage.

The number of people suffering with dementia is set to increase from 700,000 to double or treble that figure in the coming years.

As the numbers continue to grow, Ministers are also looking to set up clinics to help sufferers live as normal a life as possible.

The new ‘memory clinics’ will offer patients and carers advice, support, information and expert assessment and be provided by a wide range of healthcare professionals including local GPs.

A report in 2007 discovered that just over 30% of NHS GPs felt they appropriate training to diagnose dementia and manage the condition themselves.

Alzheimer’s disease charities welcomed the move from the Department of Health believing that the government were now starting to make dementia a high priority. However, research into dementia remains seriously underfunded with cancer research receiving eight times more funding from the government.

Campaigners have stated that without proper funding for dementia research the condition could cost the UK economy £50 billion per year within thirty years.

While no cure for dementia exists, proper treatment and management of the condition can lessen its effects. Alternative medicine and complementary therapy has a variety of methods that can help dementia.

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