Obesity to hit 1 in 3 UK adults by 2012 Olympics

Friday 12th December, 2008

Yet another warning for the UK about rising obesity levels. Researchers are reporting that one in three adults will be obese by the time the 2012 London Olympics rolls around.

This latest report comes after the Government released figures to show there has been no improvement to the number of children who are obese despite spending money and deploying measures to tackle the problem.

Data released by the National Child Measurement scheme has shown that by the age of 11, 33% of children are classed as being overweight or obese. Currently, 9,000 adults every year die from illnesses related to obesity.

The data has come from over 120,000 adults. The University College London used the data to calculate that by the 2012 London Olympics 13 million adults will be obese.

A spokesman for the National Obesity Forum has stated that prevention strategies are not enough to combat the escalating problem. Prevention alone is not enough if there is no weight management strategy.

Alternative medicine, complementary therapy and natural health have proven methods and therapies for effective weight management that will help the UK’s obesity problem.

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