Supplements could prevent elderly broken bones

Tuesday 11th November, 2008

A supplement containing an amino acid could be the answer to preventing bone fractures in elderly people that are caused by osteoporosis.

Beta-alanine is found naturally in the body and is an important amino acid for building muscles. Statistics show that 50% of elderly women will suffer a bone fracture due to brittle bone disease but taking a beta-alanine supplement on a regular basis may help.

Most fractures are caused after a heavy fall as the body struggles to perform everyday tasks such as walking and lifting. Beta-alanine can aid function and build muscles which will make these tasks easier and hopefully mean the elderly can avoid harmful falls.

The study was carried out on 26 elderly patients who were given a three-month course of Beta-alanine as a daily dose. Fitness levels were observed at the beginning and end of the study and participants on the supplement showed a 29% muscle improvement.

The muscle endurance study was published in the International Society of Sports Nutrition journal and the researchers point to the importance of health and function in the prevention of falls in the elderly.



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