Jamie Oliver seeks ‘obesity’ minister

Friday 7th November, 2008

Chef, Restaurateur and healthy eating campaigner Jamie Oliver has called on the Government to appoint a dedicated food minister to prevent the country’s obesity problem from escalating further.

The TV chef fell short of offering his services for the position but would be happy to act as the Government’s headhunter to find the ideal candidate.

Oliver has been at the forefront of tackling the obesity problem in Britain with his shows Jamie’s School Dinners and Ministry of Food. Both programmes highlighted Britain’s terrible eating habits particularly among children.

During a meeting with the Commons Health Select Committee, Oliver called for an increase to the budget that was handed out after his School Dinners campaing – that currently stands at £650m but Oliver reckons it needs to closer to £6.5bn.

The celebrity chef believes somebody from the private sector can shake up the current system and be accountable for preventing what he calls “a new poverty, a poverty of being able to nourish families, in any class”.

With a recession on our doorstep, Oliver also warned that tough economic times will highlight a lack of basic cooking skills and the ability to eat well for less.

Jamie Oliver has also called for supermarkets to provide schools with the ingredients they need for cooking classes and a capping on fast-food outlets in vulnerable areas – a legislation that has met with success in California.

And the Essex chef also condemned the EU’s food labelling system adding that he wished the EU “never existed” and that he’s got “nothing nice to say about the EU at all”.

You have to admire Jamie’s passion for this cause and any doubters are in fact just turning a blind eye to a problem that is damaging health and placing a financial strain on the NHS.

Nutrition is important…end of story.

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