Can green tea help obesity but still let you eat junk food?

Wednesday 19th November, 2008

Want to shed the pounds but still eat your favourite junk foods? Three cups of a blended green tea could help beat obesity, according to a new study.

The tea, called ‘spearole tea’ is a blend of spearmint, olive leaf, grape seed and traditional green tea. The blend can also help lower blood pressure and process sugar more quickly.

Spearole tea added to a high fat and sugar rich diet was found to reduce waistline fat and lower blood pressure among a group of rats even when the diet was continued.

This study was funded by the manufacturers of the product but previous studies into green tea itself have found the drink to lower cholesterol levels, reduce appetite and lower the risk of developing cancer.

Nutritionists point toward cutting out fatty and sugary foods to beat obesity and these latest findings shouldn’t encourage anyone to keep eating these foods if they want to lose weight. A healthy balanced diet plus regular exercise is the best way to lose weight.

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