Alternative Medicine best for IBS

Friday 14th November, 2008

Although seen as being alternative medicine treatments, the older ‘natural’ ways to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) are seen as the best option for sufferers, according to new research.

In the UK, 5-20% of people are thought to suffer with IBS and this latest study has called for an update on treatments doctors feel “don’t work”.

Currently, new and expensive drugs are administered to tackle the condition which has no known cause or cure. However, these drugs are being withdrawn due to their lack of efficacy or safety concerns.

This latest study looked at data of over 2,500 people with IBS and found that alternative therapies such as fibre, antispasmodics and peppermint oil produced better effects on the condition than conventional drug therapies.

With fibre, a soluble form called ‘isphaghula husk’ reduced symptoms significantly rather than fibre from bran. For an antispasmodic, a cork wood tree extract called ‘hyoscine’ was extremely beneficial according to researchers but peppermint oil was found to come out top.

So, cheap, safe and natural remedies for IBS are back on the agenda once again. Looks like another triumph for alternative medicine and complementary therapy over conventional drug treatment.

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