Rising obesity levels means higher taxes

Tuesday 7th October, 2008

Experts are warning that rising obesity levels in the UK will mean higher taxes as treatment places a heavy strain on health and public service budgets.

The Department of Health state that obesity could cost the NHS £6.3billion by 2015, double that of treating smoking related diseases.

The Local Government Association (LGA) represent over 400 councils in England and Wales and are seeing councils spending thousands of pounds creating what are known as ‘fat friendly’ services such as the widening of crematorium furnaces to accommodate larger corpses.

The LGA have stated that Britain is becoming the ‘obesity capital of the world’ and more needs to be done to slim down the country’s rapidly expanding waistline.

“It’s a massive issue for public health but it also risks placing an unprecedented amount of pressure on council services,” said Cllr David Rogers, LGA spokesperson on public health.

Obesity is increasingly costing the council taxpayer dear.

“It falls to social services to care for the house-bound obese adults, to invest money in encouraging people to be active and to replace school furniture that is just too small for larger pupils.

“Council equipment and infrastructure is having to be modified to deal with a population that is getting larger and larger.”

Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson said: “Nothing has changed in my mind about the seriousness of this threat to the country’s future health.

“In England almost two-thirds of adults and a third of children are either overweight or obese.

“Without action this could rise to nine in 10 adults and two-thirds of children by 2050.”

Alternative medicine and complementary therapies that are effective for obesity include nutrition, hypnotherapy and CBT



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