Complementary therapy helping boy with rare disorder

Friday 17th October, 2008

It’s probably not an alternative medicine and complementary therapy treatment that most of us have heard of but ‘Hippotherapy’ is helping a young boy from Wales with a rare genetic disorder overcome some of his problems.

Hippotherapy is physiotherapy on horseback and four year-old Dyfan Wynne from Wrexham is benefiting from the treatment.

Dyfan has a rare condition known as ‘Chromosome 8 deletion’ and is thought to be the only child in Britain suffering with the disorder. The problem has caused Dyfan to suffer with poor eyesight and learning difficulties as well as having to undergo numerous heart operations.

Hippotherapy is helping Dyfan with learning how to walk as well as giving his self-confidence a boost. How does hippotherapy work? By utilising a horses movement, a physiotherapist is able to put a person into different positions while they ride the horse. By doing so, they are able to create normal movement patterns.

Chromosome 8 deletion is an extremely rare condition that affects just 5 people around the world. Dyfan has progressed so well with his therapy that he now does ‘vaulting’ classes which are a type of gymnastic therapy on horseback. Vaulting enables the patient to improve their balance and coordination which in turn helps them learn to walk.

If you’re a physiotherapist who has studied or practices hippotherapy (horse therapy) we’d love to hear from you.

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