UK students using prescription drugs for better results

Friday 5th September, 2008

exam nervesA new report has warned that students are taking brain-enhancing prescription drugs to help improve their academic test performance.

The report, commissioned by the British government, urges the UK to prepare a response before the problem escalates into something more serious. The government has also requested a study be carried out by the Academy of Medical Sciences into advances in drug research and brain sciences and its effects.

The drugs being taken are intended for patients with cognitive and neurological conditions such as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Alzheimer’s and narcolepsy. The prescription drugs include ritalin (an amphetamine), modafinil and donepazil.

These drugs are being bought illegally over the internet and their sale is on the increase. The report also highlighted the fact that the effects of these drugs on healthy people are unknown as they are designed for people with medical conditions.

The report recommended that the government prepare regulations to control usage of cognition-boosting drugs among schools, universities and workplaces and if appropriate by using urine tests.

The pressure to succeed in both academic and professional environments is on the increase. Alternative medicine and complementary therapy have a variety of methods and techniques to combat stress and boost brain performance.



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