Complementary therapy in childbirth proving popular

Friday 12th September, 2008

childbirth and pregnancyComplementary therapy use during childbirth is proving to be “increasingly popular”, according to a new report by the Association of Radical Midwives.

Due to complementary therapy’s increased interest, more maternity wards in the UK are now offering complementary therapies but experts say that this should be in addition to conventional treatments.

“Complementary means ‘in addition to’ and the person using it or giving it needs to recognise somebody might need something more and might need conventional medicine and make appropriate referrals,” said Sarah Montagu, administration secretary of the Association of Radical Midwives.

Many women prefer to avoid drugs during childbirth so complementary therapy can be more appropriate. In a recent campaign, a third of women were unsure of what prescription drugs they can safely take during their pregnancy.

The research that was carried out at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen found that the majority of people who used general complementary therapy found their health improved.



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