Cancer patients looking for alternative medicine cure

Friday 12th September, 2008

cancerMore and more patients with cancer have a strong belief that medical establishments are holding back cheap and natural treatments, according to a new report in the US.

Those patients are also turning to websites convinced that natural products and remedies can cure their cancer quickly and painlessly.

The report carried out by HemOnc Today looked at research about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use related to cancer treatment and asked experts as to why patients are turning to alternative medicine.

Over the last decade, there have been numerous efforts to prove or disprove alternative treatments but they still remain popular among mainstream cancer therapy.

A recent estimate in 2004 said Americans spent $36-$47 billion on complementary therapy and alternative medicine.

The National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has said rates of CAM use are “especially high among patients with serious illnesses such as cancer.”

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2000 showed that 83.3% of cancer patients had used CAM in some form with over 60% taking vitamins or herbal supplements. However, The National Cancer Centre reported in 2004 that 72% of cancer patients didn’t tell their oncologist they were using alternative medicine and complementary therapy.

It is recommended that you inform your GP and oncologist about using alternative medicine and complementary therapy.



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